Founded in 1997 as per Minister of Environment decree, law 979/82, integrated by law 344/91


In order to regulate and prevent activities which can endanger the richness of the protected area, three different safeguard regimes of the sea and coastal environment have been established:

Zona A - di tutela integrale
(Surfac: 529 ettari - Coast line: 1.356 mt)

Given its naturality and importance, this area is entirely preserved. No activity can be freely practiced here, not even bathing is allowed. However, study and research activities are allowed. Despite it represents a very small percentage of the area, it has a very important repopulation function.

Zona A - Isola di Mal di Ventre

Point Latitude Longitude
S1 39° 59’.64 N 08° 18’.35 E (in coast)
T 39° 59’.88 N 08° 18’.35 E
U 39° 59’.88 N 08° 17’.19 E
V 39° 59’.25 N 08° 17’.19 E
W1 39° 59’.25 N 08° 18’.07 E (in coast)

Zona B - di tutela generale
(Surface: 1.031 ettari - Coast line: 5.236 mt)

In this area the navigation parallely to the coast is not allowed, while bathing, fishing with line from the coast, underwater exploration, navigation, and docking in the areas indicated by the Park Authority are allowed.

Zona B - Torre del Sevo

Point Latitude Longitude
G1 39° 55’.19 N 08° 23’.92 E (in coast)
H 39° 55’.19 N 08° 23’.23 E  
I 39° 53’.90 N 08° 23’.23 E  
L1 39° 53’.90 N 08° 24’.14 E (in coast)

Zona C - di tutela parziale
(Superficie: 24.113 ettari - Linea di costa: 18.507 metri)

It consists of the residual stretch of sea within the perimeter of the marine protected area. It is the largest part of the reserve, where sport and professional fishing (excluding trawling), nautical activities are allowed within the limits and according to the authorizations released by the Park Authority.

Point Latitude Longitude
M1 39° 59’.78 N 08° 18’.80 E (in coast)
N 40° 00’.22 N 08° 19’.10 E
O 40° 00’.22 N 08° 16’.75 E
P 39° 58’.00 N 08° 16’.75 E
Q 39° 58’.00 N 08° 18’.09 E
R1 39° 58’.98 N 08° 18’.07 E (in coast)

In the Protect Marine Area to remove sand, cliff, organisms vegetables and/or animals, live or died, is prohibited. Underwater peach is not allowed.

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