Founded in 1997 as per Minister of Environment decree, law 979/82, integrated by law 344/91

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From 16th April to 31st May, the first national Exchange of the Protected Marine Areas will take place in Cabras. Organized by Cabras council, administrator manager of the Protected Marine Area “Penisola del Sinis – Isola di Mal di Ventre”, with contribution of the Regional Tourism, Handicraft and Commerce department, the event will proceed with a series of institutional, informative and promotional meetings in order to increase the value of the Protected Marine Areas in the sustainable tourist development of their own territories.

The first two days will be completely dedicated to the national system of the Marine areas and focused on the objective to draw up an agreement protocol in order to start thinking of the institution of the Protected Marine Areas association for a concrete strengthening of their role in the regional and national scenery. Fifty representatives of the Marine areas, coming form all the peninsula, participate to the meetings and during these days, they can inform about their own management experiences through the presentation of successful case studies about the valorisation and promotion of the singularities and the traditional, socio-cultural, economic and environmental values of Protected Marine Areas. During the Environmental Tourism Exchange it will be introduced the “Sinislow - Bici” project for the promotion of the knowledge of Cabras territory using a bicycle. An initiative to appreciate landscape beauties, joining sport, environment and culture.

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