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Inaugurated the Environmental Tourism Exchange in the Protected Marine Areas.

Yesterday afternoon the Tourism Assessor of Sardinia Region, Sebastiano Sannittu, inaugurated the manifestation before a general public. In the company of Cabras mayor Cristiano Carrus, the Prefect of Oristano, Giovanni Russo and the Police Commissioner Giovanni Pinto, Sannitu, greeted the audience on behalf of Ugo Cappellacci President of Sardinia Region, and showed a very good appreciation towards the Local administration and introduced the first day of the manifestation: “We are convinced that environmental resources like the Sinis Protected Area and all the others in Sardinia and in the entire Italian territory, are an irreplaceable patrimony for social, economic and civil growth of the territory. That’s the reason why we need to always protect this richness which, in this moment, shows how important is the contribution that the Protected Marine Areas can offer for a sustainable tourism development of all Sardinia”.

The Assessor hoped that the Exchange can promote the comparison and meeting among the different management experiences of Protected Marine Areas. Even the Prefect Luigi Russo showed good appreciation towards local administrators for preparing such an important event and for having being able to organize local tourist operators in the “Sardegna – Costa del Sinis”, an organization for the united and coordinated promotion of tourism offer.

Before projecting the new promotional video about the Protected Marine Area, the mayor Cristiano Carrus explained the reason for which they thought about the Tourism Exchange and he also remembered the steps to organized it, starting from the election of the Protected Marine Area as par excellence tourist destination at national and European level. Today all the Presidents of the Protected Marine Areas are going to work for drawing up an agreement protocol in order to start thinking of the institution of the Protected Marine Areas association.

The National Tourism Exchange will proceed until the 31st May with a series of institutional, informative and promotional meetings in order to increase the value of the Protected Marine Area “Penisola del Sinis – Isola di Mal di Ventre” in the sustainable tourist development of Cabras territory.


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