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During a press conference at Cabras council meeting hall, Port authorities have introduced the regulation for sea-urchings fishing into the Protected Marine Area “Penisola del Sinis – Isola di Mal di Ventre”.

This is a temporary regulation, waiting for the Regulation of Execution and Organization of the MPA, which establishes precise rules about the fishing, quantities and dimensions, conditions, issue and filling of the booklet and rubbish disposal. The regulation, explained commandant Alberto Ugga, is the result of an agreement among Port authorities, local administrators and the MPA.

Sea – urchings fishing in the reserve has been monitored in the last six years. From these studies, done in collaboration with the NRC, come the number of authorisation releases and the maximum number of sea-urchings to fish in apnoea, established in 1000 for each fisherLorenzo Mascia, responsible of the MPA, has remembered that the new perimeter of the park has reached the last steps to come to the definitive decree.

“With the new regional regulations all sea-urchings fishers are satisfied – he said – they accepted our request to reach 80 instead of the 30 permissions established at the beginning, giving us the possibility to accept more requests. It is important to notice that these authorisations are professional qualifications with which fishers can work in peace compared to the past.” Sea – urchings fishing has been put off until 2nd May because of a less disposed season that has restricted the regular fishing days.

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